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PostSubject: Region Tourny *READ DISCRIPTION*   Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:42 am

this is a tourny where anyone can it isa region tourny and wil consist of 2 to 4 blocks each block containing 4 contestants *handy each gen* it is 1st come 1st serve for the region you want

Example Rules:
right down No Ubers
IGN: Shadow No 1hko moves e.g guillotine fissure
FC:0474-4798-1448 Battles Will take place around 5 o clock as i am British
Region Preferred:Kanto No more than two wild cards
Reserve Region(s):Sinnoh No rule breaking or DQ'd
Skill level:6/10 Prize is a shiny shaymin level 100 in cherish ball appears almost legit.-got it in a trade with a close friend. 2nd and 3rd will probably get a random ev'd poke
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